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Big Little City

In many ways Madison has attributes that are relatable to both a big city and small city. Madison used to be home to many small neighborhood markets like Capitol Centre Market. Most are gone- replaced in many cases by chain stores. The smaller stores were the neighborhood hub and in many cases most customers walked to the store. Customers shopped more frequently— some daily.

Since 1983 Capitol Centre Market has been locally owned and operated. It was, and is a classic neighborhood market. Small and quirky- just the way we like it. If you have not been to our Market lately please stop by! See what shopping used to be like in Madison. We have made many improvements including the opening of a full service deli and sushi bar. We expanded our produce, dairy and meat department.

While many things have changed our commitment to our neighborhood will never waiver.

Small Madison stores from the past and present…

Nakoma Trading Post (My First Job!)
Fauerbach Fine Foods (My Second Job!)
El Rancho
Regent Market (Still Open!)
Red Owl
Fraboni’s (Still Open!)
Mifflin Street Co-op
Universal Grocery
Red Owl
Willy Street Co-op (Still Open!)
Jenifer Street Market (Still Open!)