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Green Action:

Green Action - Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Each week we deliver hundreds of orders for our customers. This service keeps many cars off of the road. It provides an easy way for customers to live without a car and not worry about getting groceries home.

Green Action - Local Supplier

Local Supplier

Our primary supplier, Certco, is located 6 miles from our store. We buy the majority of our product from Certco thus saving energy. This local supplier also means jobs for families in our area.

Green Action - Local Products

Local Products

You’ll be amazed at how many items you will find on our shelves that are actually produced here in Wisconsin. We identify these items and ask that you consider purchasing them when shopping. By purchasing items that are produced in Wisconsin we help create jobs for friends and neighbors.

Green Action - Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products

You will find many items in our store that provide consumers a more earth friendly alternative to conventional products. Watch for products labeled “Earth Friendly” when you shop in our store.

New Meat Cases

In the fall of 2012 we replaced our entire line up of fresh and frozen meat case at Capitol Centre Market. This change has resulted in a dramatic reduction in electricity use. All of our fresh meat and frozen meat is now merchandised behind doors. The doors keep the cold…

New Overhead Lighting

In 2012 Capitol Centre Market replaced all of the overhead lighting in our store. The new fixtures and energy efficient ballasts allowed us to greatly decrease our electricity requirements and at the same time increase the amount of light in our store!

Green Action - LED Lights

LED Lights

You will notice that many of the lights in our store are now LED. These lights require a fraction of the electricity of our former bulbs and at the same time they give off much more light.

New Polished Concrete Floors

In the summer of 2011 we made a major change at our store. We removed all of the floor tile in the store. We moved all of the product off the floor and ground the concrete down to it’s natural beauty. This change allowed us to discontinue the use of…

Heat Reclaim

A very large percentage of heat within our store comes from a heat reclaim system that runs off of our compressor racks. The compressors are what runs the refrigeration cases in the store. These compressors create heat which is captured and then used to heat our store.

Green Action - Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling

Each year Capitol Centre Market recycles over 175,000 pounds of cardboard! We bale our boxes after stocking and recycle everyday of the week.

Green Action - Reusable Bags

Reusable Bags

Capitol Centre Market now offers 2 varieties of reusable grocery bags. In addition, customers receive a 10 cent credit when they reuse a paper bag, cloth bag or backpack at our store.

Green Action - Plastic Bag Recycle

Plastic Bag Recycling Station

Customers can drop off plastic bags in our front lobby. These bags are then recycled and diverted from the landfill.

Pallet Shrink Wrap

Nearly all product that is delivered to our store comes wrapped in shrink wrap. In the past this wrap was discarded into the waste stream. Since November 2007 we have been collecting this wrap and recycling it. This item alone represents a huge opportunity to avoid filling the landfill.

Green Action - Bottle & Can Bin

Bottle / Can Bin

We have handy bins for bottles and cans. These items are collected and then recycled preventing them from ending up in the landfill.

Call 2 Recycle

Capitol Centre Market is now a recycling collection point for portable rechargeable batteries or old cell phones. We have a collection box at the service desk.

Capitol Center Market
provides on line ordering.

Shop from home or work. Order on line and pick a convenient delivery time. Capitol Centre Market shops the order for a $4.95 shopping charge.

Delivery is FREE 7 days per week. 9am-9pm

This service is available in the folliwng zip codes:
53703, 53715, 53706, 53726, 53705, 53704*, 53714*, 53716* *Partial Coverage

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