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My first blog post

My Web Designer says I need a Blog so here we go! I am new at this and am unsure if there are any special rules or guidelines to follow. Forgive me if I break any of these unspoken items.

My name is Mitch and I own Capitol Centre Market. I have worked in the grocery business since 1972 (Nixon was President!). I was born in Madison and currently live in Lake Mills. I am a lucky guy because I love what ‘we’ do. I say we because it takes many teammates to run a successful business. If you have shopped at Capitol Centre Market, thank you. If you have not shopped with us I encourage you to stop by and see what makes us different. We are not a chain but rather a family of 2 stores- this one in downtown Madison and the other in Lake Mills. We work hard to please our customers and serve our communities.

So let’s get back to this Blog thing. As time goes by I will share with you things that are happening in our store, in our community and in our industry. I will try to make it interesting and at times fun. Having been in the business for nearly 50 years I can share some funny stories from days gone by.

Wow this Blog thing was not so bad after all. Until next time… Stay Well! Mitch